Bounce! is a PivotMasterDX production.


This video is a “music video” for Bounce! by System Of A Down. It features a stick figure showing his girlfriend and her many friends with no names a few tricks on his pogo stick. The females then try to steal the stick figure’s pogo stick and he does all he can to keep it.


  • This is one of PivotMasterDX’s videos to have its name the same name has a song that it featured within it. The others are Wanta Fanta, Death Rattle and Nico Nico Douga FTW (ゲッダン).
  • This is the first video to feature female stick figures.
  • The credits in this video are noticeably fast. However, an “lol” is seen at the end hinting that PMDX did that on purpose.

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