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The Legend of Zelda is an upcoming PivotMasterDX production. Nothing is known about it, except that it’s a remake of one of PMDX’s old videos.


What happens in the video is unknown as of now. However, PMDX did release a teaser for it entitled, Centered Origin Loop featuring a stick figure wearing a Zelda hat running with a sword.

Hints For Being a Stick Figure Video

  • The teaser, Centered Origin Loop featured a stick figure.
  • Its taking an awfully long time to make, which happens with all of PMDX’s stick figure videos. Most of his non-stick figure videos like YTPMV: GIRUGAMESH (Sparta Remix) only took up to half an hour to make.
  • It follows the fad of YouTubers making stick figure videos about The Legend of Zelda.

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